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Live a fearless life and provide epic value

I help high vibe women create an abundant business so they can be financially free, become their most ambitious self and serve their purpose.

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Free 5-Figure Blog Biz Checklist

Grab the free 5-figure blog biz checklist

to find out what elements + tools your blog needs to not just become a source of passive income, but allow you to quit your day job and be a full-time blogger.

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On the other side of fear lies your most ambitious self, a limitless earning potential, profound impact and lasting change. Are you ready?

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Success Stories

We host some of the smartest female bosses

Read my interviews with self-made millionaires, world travelers, millennials who paid off massive debt, 6-figure mom bloggers, & couples that retired in their 30s.

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The Free & Fearless Podcast

Tune into the show to hear me talk about building a badass business, doing what you’re born to do, and being bold and unapologetic.

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Training programs


Take things to the next level with my programs where I teach how to dive deep into the business of blogging and digital products to create unlimited freedom and income.

About Me

Hey, I'm Lidiya

I’m a blogger, course creator and business owner helping badass women just like you build an abundant, value-driven business so you can live your best life + become bold and unapologetic.

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lidiya kesarovska - letsreachsuccess founder

I’ve been named one of the top 10 course creators and experts to watch in 2021 by Yahoo! Finance, been featured on TIME magazine, Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine, and more.

I’ve devoted most of my life to personal development and reclaiming my freedom by building a digital business. Now, I’m obsessed with helping you do the same!

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bold business school

coming in 2022


BOLD BUSINESS SCHOOL is a membership + community which will be a year-long program that teaches anyone ready to scale with digital products the elements that go into this business model.

It’s a special container for bold aspiring CEOs ready to ditch freelancing/blogging/etc. and move onto the next level, or those who are just starting and want to create their signature offer, launch it the right way, focus on email marketing, work on their mindset around sales, and so much more.

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